How to Spiritually Overcome Your Bad Habits

Getting Rid of Your Unhealthy Habits

When we turn our attention inward, insights, ideas, wisdom and understanding arise. We allow space for ideas to enter.

We also become experts in how our mind works. We no longer fall for the trap of neurosis because we are highly aware of its delusion. We no longer feed negativity because we now notice the patterns and can predict when it will come. We no longer continue unhealthy behavior or do things that cause our own suffering.

By observing our mind and body, we can perceive physical and mental disturbances as soon as they appear, and we will have the insight to nip them in the bud.

Simply close your eyes and turn your attention inward, reconnect the mind and body, and all will be revealed. This is why mindfulness meditation or breath meditation, are often called insight meditation.

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