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Why is it Important to Live in the Present Moment?

What are the Benefits of Living in the Present Moment?

living in the present moment

Present Moment Awareness

Have you ever noticed how after big moments in your life you have almost no memory of them? Like how you can give a big speech and it’s like you missed the whole thing. You gave the speech or you were at your wedding, but you forgot to be present for it.

This doesn’t just happen for big moments either. Most of our lives we spend lost in thought, thinking about some other place or some other time.



Why is the Present Moment so Important?

I had a good friend who whenever we would go for a walk through the park with nowhere in particular to go, would walk a million miles an hour. She would miss the flowers and the birds, trees and the streams. She was so used to getting to the end of a task that she was never present during the task.

If we live our lives this way, we’ll get to the end having realized we were present for so little of this precious life. This is why it’s so important to bring presence into our lives whenever we can.


Meditation to Enter the Present Moment

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