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Finding Inner Peace When Dealing with Long-Term Illness

Q:Will you please give me encouragement on healing from a long-time illness? I’m told I can heal but I feel hopeless.

Finding inner peace when dealing with long-term illness

Todd Answers: I just want you to know that you are not defective and your body is an incredibly amazing healing machine. We know for certain that our mental state can either make us sick, or it can help us recover.

So I simply encourage you to view your pain and discomfort, instead of with fear, with curiosity, and ask yourself, “Why is my unconscious and subconscious mind creating these physical sensations?” I am by no means saying this is in your head or not real. I know the discomfort and pain are very real. But when we look to our subconscious, we stop reacting to pain with fear, panic and pessimism. We instead respond with calm and curiosity. When we respond to illness by looking at our subconscious and unconscious minds, we address the aspect of our illness that we can control, and oftentimes, almost like a miracle, the pain or illness disappears and often almost immediately.

If you can know for certain that the illness is made worse by your fear and stress, and not by something else that is physically wrong with you, you stop unconsciously creating more pain and illness and your mind can activate those healing mechanisms in the body.

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