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How to Stop the Negative Narration in Your Head

The Problem of Non-Stop Negative Narration in Your Head

negative narration in head

We all have a constant stream of thought going through our mind. A narration of our life told by us, the narrator, that never stops. How exhausting!

This voice in our head is rarely useful and is often negative. We don’t need for our brains to always label everything for us to understand what we’re seeing. There is so much to reality beyond the one-word-at-a-time narration. In fact, it makes us really miss out on the beauty and depth of our lives.

There was one time when I was sitting on a bench in a park. I was really upset at something a coworker did. My mind wasn’t just talking, it was screaming. And then I realized something that completely changed me. I realized that for the past 5 minutes, I was completely unaware of anything that was happening in front of me. My eyes were open but I wasn’t seeing. I was so in my head that I was completely unaware of what was happening just 2 feet in front of me. As soon as I noticed that I wasn’t noticing anything, my mind stopped racing and the office drama no longer bothered me. Peace instantly came over me as I got out of my head.

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