Why You Need to Stop Delaying Your Happiness

The universe is in every atom. Every atom is the universe. 

This moment is our entire life. Our entire life is this moment.

Do we give this divine moment the sacred attention it deserves? Or do we abandon and reject it as we pine for a long lost past or some imagined better future?

When we sacrifice this moment for a better future moment, we are only training our mind to escape and resist the here and now. Achievements last for only a brief moment. A runner is only at the finish line for a fraction of a second. If we can’t be happy during the journey, we will never be happy. 

It doesn’t matter if we come in first place or last place. If we enjoy the journey, life will be good. Accomplishments and failures are both merely brief pit stops on our way to growth and personal evolution.

So what happens when we postpone our happiness? Is happiness greater than success, or the other way around? Will wealth bring us happiness? Which should we choose, success or happiness? I answer these questions and more in my latest podcast.

“There are a lot of people who sell success as the key to happiness. Everyday, our society says, “Don’t worry about happiness now. You can have that once you’ve made it.” And so people go their whole life waiting to be happy, only to find that happiness is not in their bank account. It’s not in their job title. They’ll miss their kids growing up, they’ll forget what their spouse looks like, and they’ll let stress and illness eat at them, all while searching for the wrong goal in life.” 

— Excerpt from my latest book, Aloneness to Oneness, where I talk about how we can have both success and lasting happiness.


Here’s What I Want You to Do:

How we treat this moment is how we treat every moment. If we dread it, life becomes dreadful. If we love it, life becomes lovely. Pay close attention to how you speak to yourself about your duties and responsibilities. Try to welcome them with love. Get excited for what you normally resist. You’ll only have this moment once, so you might as well enjoy it.


No matter how bad life looks at any given moment, we can feel love. If we have only the clothes on our back, we can feel grateful. And if we can be present, we can be at peace.

In the book, Aloneness to Oneness, I go into detail about how we can show up for ourselves in this moment, show up for our loved ones, our community, and our planet. I discuss how we can develop the habit of happiness so that when the blessings in our life come to us, we will be able to truly appreciate them.

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Much love,


PS – Fear is not something we need to be afraid of. In fact, there is a wisdom in fear. The problem is that we are so afraid of fear that we look away, pretend it’s not there, and try to cover it up with addictions and distractions. In my latest YouTube video, I share how we can discover the wisdom fear is trying to tell us, how to face fear with courage, and how to stay at peace when life gets unpredictable.

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