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Why You Should Never Skip Meditation

Nobody’s perfect and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves if life stuff happens and we miss a meditation here and there. But, with few exceptions, we should do our very best to make meditation a consistent daily habit. It improves our mood, helps us focus, and improves our relationships. Here are just some of the reasons why you should never skip meditation.

To help develop a daily practice, try this guided morning meditation video.


Every Meditation Builds on the Last One

Meditation is like building a house. Everyday there is a little bit of weather erosion that takes place. You have to keep building or all the work you’ve done will have been for nothing. At first, you might start out on the basement, and so you won’t see any progress for a long time. But with a sturdy foundation, the frame can pop up and all of sudden you can really start to see a house coming together.

In meditation, patience and setting aside expectations is key. Don’t be too obsessed about each meditation experience, but rather your overall progress. Pay more attention to the reasons for meditating in order to keep motivated.


Why Never Skipping Meditation Makes Us Better Parents, Kids, Siblings, Friends and Neighbors

We can take a day off work, but most of us can’t just take a day off from our other social responsibilities. That’s why daily meditation is so important. We need to make sure we bring calm, peaceful, loving strength to our relationships. It’s not fair that just because we skipped a meditation, that we’re now more stressed and less present with our loved ones.

For the sake of others, and our valued relationships, it’s important that we take some “me” time so can operate at our best for the people we love. This Loving-Kindness Guided Meditation is a great video to help us in our relationships.


There’s Nothing More Important Than Our State of Mind

Everything we do stems from our mental state. Our choices, our effort, our awareness and conscientiousness, all extend out from our mind. Our habits, actions, deeds and words are all projections of our mindset.

Whether we are disciplined or not, focused or not, joyful or not, fearless or not, all depends on our state of mind. As long as we make our minds – and by extension, meditation – a top priority, nothing can derail our progress.


Habits are Hard to Build and Easy to Break

Just one missed day can lead to all missed days. That’s how it starts. We know our own human nature enough to know that one day doing the wrong thing is enough to create a bad habit.

Years and years of hard work can be all for nothing if we fall out of practice. But, the good news is that when you decide to get back into it, all the benefits will come back surprisingly quickly.

So wherever you are in your journey, today is the day to get back into it. And it’s why we should do our best to never skip meditation.


Why Never Skipping Meditation Leads to Discipline, Determination and Fortitude

There are many benefits to meditation. But some of those benefits actually have nothing to do with the meditation itself.

Just by simply making the effort to tune out the noise and sit still in meditation for an extended period of time, you are exercising extreme self-discipline. The more you do it when you really don’t want to, the more inner strength and resolve you are building. This discipline will spill out as success into every aspect of your life. Discipline is just another reason why we should never skip meditation.


Every Single Day is Precious

Every single moment is beautiful and miraculous. We’re not promised any certain number of days and we must be grateful for every single one. We must live every day to the fullest and honor this amazing existence.


Why Never Skipping Meditation is So Important

The more present we are, the more we fully live. Period. Meditation helps us break out of our head and into the real world of the here and now. Don’t waste a moment. Every moment is an opportunity to grow, evolve, heal and prosper. Meditation simply helps us down that path. And that is why it’s so important to never skip meditation.

To get started meditating, check out this Guide for Beginners for all the resources you’ll need.

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