How to Remove Fear From Mind And Heart

Don’t be afraid to sit alone with your thoughts and allow yourself to work through them. What you fear to be unbearable is not so scary. But we must face down the monsters so that we can conquer them. We must shine a light on the dark corners we wish were not there.

Suppression, repression, and distraction are most people’s favorite methods for dealing with stress and worries. Suppression is when we stuff down our emotions, often with substances. Repression is when we don’t even consciously know we’re suffering, which lets us look cheery but often leads to physical or mental health problems like chronic pain or bursts of anger. And distraction is when we will do anything to avoid our unpleasant thoughts and feelings, usually through activities that only end up further harming our mental peace. We can’t undo anxiety if we are anxiously trying to get rid of it, but we can cultivate a more positive mindset. More on how to do that in my latest video.

If we don’t know how to heal, these three methods become natural reactions to the heavy emotions we’re harboring. Subconsciously, we’d rather be angry, in pain, sick or numb instead of feeling sad or facing our fears. Instead of letting a painful past ruin the present, and instead of trying to run away from our inner monsters, let’s unleash the dragon slayer within.

Use stillness to find, stalk, and conquer your inner demons. Patience and stillness are the mark of any great assassin. Demons lurk in the chaos, they thrive in the darkness, and they feed on our fear. We must shine our light of consciousness on these vampires. 

Here’s What I Would You Like to Do:

This week, do everything you normally do, but give yourself a minute or two of stillness before you do it. Let stillness arise before pulling out your phone, watching a show, going for a drive, starting work, eating food, etc… Check in with the mind and body to make sure there is no stress or tension. If there is any tension, breathe, smile and relax into that area. All fear, stress and tension are created by the mind. Only the mind can heal it.


It’s been a long and challenging and amazing ride, but now my new book is finally finished! Named after the film that sparked so many deep questions and discussions, my new book, Aloneness to Oneness, goes deep into the heart of who we are, why we are, and what this all means.

It’s a blueprint for stepping out of our separate, small, and sometimes lonely existence; and into the infinite, eternal oneness of the universe. Only when we live in duality does greed, jealousy, hatred, competition and comparison arise. But when we become one with everything, only love remains. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

Much love,

ToddPS – In our fast-paced world, it’s very easy to internalize the hyperspeed frenzy all around us. But this frantic pace is destroying our mental health, our relationships, and our lives. We may feel like we’re getting more done, but in truth that chaos comes at a price we will pay later. In my latest podcast, I talk about how to overcome impatience.

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