Can Christians Meditate? Isn’t Meditation a Sin? – Path to Peace Podcast

As meditation ha exploded in popularity, many people – especially Christians – have been wondering if it’s ok to meditate or if it’s a sin. People of many different faiths have wondered if meditating in the styles of Eastern traditions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, go against their own religion. In Christianity, the Bible says that anything not mentioned in the Bible is under the influence of Satan in an effort to steer Christians away from Jesus. So, is it a sin? Will Christians go to hell if they meditate?

In this podcast, Todd explores what the Bible has to say about meditation, what meditation is, and whether it is in conflict with any religion’s beliefs and practices. See what Jesus said and decide for yourself if you think meditation is a sin, or would have Jesus’s blessing.

Go further in depth into this topic with this blog post at and find some christian-approved meditations here at

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