Does Desire Go Against Spirituality?

Q: Dear Todd, they say that desire goes against spirituality. Then, how can I aim to become a better human being because it also stems from a desire for betterment?

TODD ANSWERS: There is a difference between selfless desire and selfish desire. Selfish desire is about instant gratification at the expense of our future. Selfless desire is about planting the seeds for a better future for all beings, including ourself. There is no attachment to outcomes with selflessness. There is none of the longing or suffering that comes with selfish desires.

If we are meditating for a “high” or for purely selfish reasons, we’re going to have a harder time going beyond thought because meditating is about temporarily letting go of all attachments. When we dedicate our practice to the benefit of all beings, our growth is accelerated because selflessness is the path to freeing ourselves from our ego. I cover this topic of needs, wants and desires in detail in my book Death, Life and Oneness.

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