Recognizing And Addressing Unequal Relationships

I heard a recent statistic that 27% of Americans are estranged from a close family member, and that number is likely far higher due to the stigma and shame around such difficult family situations. (More on how to survive a dysfunctional family in this podcast.)

Relationships can be messy. We do not live in a utopia that cares first and foremost about creating healthy, happy, compassionate people.

We can wish and hope all we want for people to change or for them to show us the love we’ve shown them. But this is a denial of reality.

We can give and give and give, but we are going to be betrayed, let down, and taken advantage of. We can either become like them, or we can rise above them.


This week I want you to do this:

Be your own source of love and support.


You know what a best friend or loving elder would tell you. Your inner wisdom knows what you need better than anyone else. Let go of how you expected life to be and open your arms to yourself. You are the love you need. So give yourself some intentional alone time to quiet your inner voice so you can hear your body’s intelligence speak through you.

Like the mighty redwoods, the higher we grow, the lonelier it gets. But we can plant seeds. We can nourish the like-minded people around us. We can put our efforts into helping others grow. We can stand tall and firm for the people interested in growing. And soon, we will find ourselves in a giant redwood forest of our own.

Much love,


P.S. As I look around and see so many people stressed, struggling, worrying and getting angry, I notice that there is one fundamental cause to this suffering. As intractable as this suffering may seem, there is actually a very easy and simple solution. In my latest YouTube video, I share what is causing the problems we see in the world, how we can remove that cause, and how we can shift our mindset to bring about the inner and outer peace we all seek.

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