Beyond the Brain: Understanding the Boundaries of Consciousness

Q: Dear Todd, space-time does change (Einstein’s relativity) and consciousness depends entirely on the function of the physical brain. Bonk someone on the head and they lose consciousness. Give them a general anesthetic and they lose consciousness. States of dreamless sleep lack consciousness. When the brain dies and its function ceases, the consciousness of that being is permanently extinguished. Any thoughts?

TODD ANSWERS: Yes indeed, space-time bends and warms all the time. The only permanence is impermanence in this physical universe.

However, it is not determined where consciousness lies. It is a total mystery. We do not know if our brain gives rise to consciousness or if our brains limit our consciousness to merely what our five senses can perceive. Perhaps dreamless sleep is actually the state of being conscious of absolutely nothing – no space and no time.

Consciousness truly is a complete mystery. People can be missing any number of the various parts of the brain, yet they can still be conscious. How it arises we do not know. But all that really matters is, when we turn our gaze back on itself we tap into our true nature, inner peace and joy.

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