If We Are All God Then There’s No Need to Stop God in Form of Hitler

Q: Dear Todd, if you’re really to consider Non-Duality on a deep level you’ll come up against the idea that free will is just an illusion, and so is morality, and if we are all God then there’s no reason to stop God in the form of Hitler from committing atrocities. And a whole lot of other stuff.

TODD ANSWERS: I don’t see a tiger fighting a buffalo and think to myself that the buffalo should just give up because they’re both one. Nor do I see them fighting because they are separate. They are both the oneness of the universe expressing itself.

There is balance in this universe. A Hitler rises and forces rise up against him. This is the expression of oneness. The yin and the yang. When we can rest in that peaceful center that has no opposite, then we can find lasting peace. Until then, we can only hope to be a force for good in this world.

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