How Did Consciousness Come Into Existence

Q: Dear Todd, I want to know how consciousness got infected in the first place. Why isn’t all of this just common knowledge and our natural operating system? Why are there errors in the code? If everything is one… why is it so… human?

TODD ANSWERS: Physically, we are not much more evolved than neanderthals. We think we are wise, but in reality we are merely the first species smart enough to make really bad decisions. Most species have every impulse programmed into them and their number of options to influence the world are limited. We are still evolving as a global society. We decided to try out an experiment that involved leaving our home, the African jungle. This was our natural habitat.

We acquired a great deal of knowledge but we lost the wisdom that every other animal has — the wisdom of living within nature. No monkey has chronic worries, stress, cancer, diabetes or heart disease. This is because they live naturally.

Because we have moved out of the forest, we have had to create new systems to help us live within our nature. We go to gyms, we visit parks, we try to eat the fresh foods of the forest, and we need to meditate because of all the constant content we’re bombarded with.

We’re not broken, we just don’t live in a society designed for optimal human development. But, with conscious awareness, we can get back to our true nature of presence and bliss. And that will change society.

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