How Are We Experiencing the Universe?

Q: Dear Todd, are we really experiencing the universe or are we actually experiencing earth? I can experience a waterfall but I cannot experience a supernova with the same relative ease.

Todd Answers: Haha, let’s hope you do not experience a violent supernova too closely. Even though we do not feel the heat of the surface of the sun, we can experience the sun’s rays from afar. We can understand that we, our sun, and our planet are made from the ashes of previous supernovas.

We can feel a sense that our own solar system will be consumed by a supernova and we too will become the building blocks of some distant planet and life forms.

To experience something does not mean only with the five senses. The senses can merely observe our physical reality. Our greater understanding and wisdom can see the interconnected, interdependent oneness of all things.

A fish may not know there is water between it and the rest of the ocean, but nonetheless, it is one with the ocean.

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