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How to Avoid Negative Self-Talk When You Waste Time Procrastinating

Q: When you don’t do what you are supposed to do and procrastinate and daydream and use the internet then how do you love yourself or protect yourself from your negative self-talk? When you know an exam is near and everyone is studying and you are still not able to let go of your bad habits?

ToddAnswers: There is a lot to talk about. But let’s skip the negative self-talk for now and focus on the root cause of the problem. Procrastinating stems from a habit and desire to escape the present moment. It’s delaying what needs to be done now for some time later in the future.
There is no greater way to stop procrastinating than to start practicing being here and now. This is done in two ways, both of which I highly recommend.

1) Meditation

Besides all the amazing benefits of meditation, you’re also practicing spending a few minutes every day not doing something else. You’ll observe the urge to check your phone, and then you’ll go back to meditating. By doing this, you’ll create a habit of not acting on every impulse to get distracted.

2) Bring as many present moments into your life

Bring all your attention to whatever it is you’re doing as many times a day as you can. Practice doing things like going for walks without bringing any other distractions with you. By being more aware of our present moments, our more highly consciousness awareness will be able to tell if we’re making the best use of our time or not.

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