Is Earning Money an Attachment?

Despite what we may feel about it, most of us live in a capitalist society that requires us to earn money in order to survive. It is all in the “how” we earn money that makes all the difference. Are we hurting our fellow humans and creatures or are we helping? Are we sacrificing our health or our relationships for money? Or are we using our occupation to nourish ourselves and our communities? Are we greedy or are we generous? Are we attached to money and the fame and power that it brings? Or are we grateful for the blessings that each day brings?

Professions can be noble and earning money can be done in the name of virtue. Much suffering can be alleviated if money is in the right people’s hands. If we are unmindful, money can very easily become an attachment. If we act in alignment with our values and intentions, money can simply be the object that it is, neither good nor bad. It’s simply a tool which can be used either to build or destroy. The choice is ours.

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