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Path to Peace How to Earn Money Without Being Possessed by It

There is a cosmic irony to this law of the universe: the more we try, the more likely we are to fail. This law is true in sports, art, dating, earning money and just about everything else. The more we force effort, the more we repel the thing we want. The more pressure we put on ourselves, the more nervous we get and the more mistakes we make.

Forced effort isn’t sustainable. Mounting pressure does not help us perform. And for some reason, the universe demands that we act without trying, achieve without striving for achievement, and get without wanting.

When we are relaxed, effort comes naturally. When we are present, we think clearly. And when we are enjoying ourselves in the work, we are more likely to get the date or promotion.

In today’s episode, I talk about money — how we can get it, how we can lose it, and most importantly how we can get it without losing our soul/mind/mental health/inner peace/physical health.

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