How to Use Meditation for Self-Improvement

Meditation isn’t just for chilling out. It is a powerful tool that trains our minds to be present, focused, aware, peaceful and joyful. It’s not about the time we spend sitting down with our eyes closed in meditation. It’s about how that time improves the rest of our lives.

Gaining insights into ourselves and our own mind is one of the greatest ways meditation can improve our lives. The more we observe the nature and quality of our thoughts, the greater wisdom we develop about ourselves and our place in the universe. Using meditation properly can help us gain understanding that can be used to transform our lives.

In this episode, I explain how to use meditation to not just gain insights, but to even find creative solutions to any problem we may be facing. It is in the deep state of meditation that our thinking can be its clearest, and where our conscious mind can communicate with our subconscious in order to incorporate our insights so that they become lasting change and positive transformations.