Path to Peace How Can I Reinvent Myself?

Only when we are not living completely authentically, and only when we misidentify with our mind-made versions of ourselves, can we wish to reinvent ourselves. The real question is, “How can I live more in line with my inner nature?”

We all know the experience where we are so in our head, planning and plotting what to say or how to act, that we become insecure. When we become insecure, we’re not being true to ourselves. Instead, we are living in fear of what we will say and how it will be perceived. The key to being natural, being magnetic, and being charismatic, is when we remove that pressure from ourselves and when we can relax and just be.

In this episode, I share some secrets on how we can become the best version of ourselves. By being mindful, instead of being fearful, we can instinctively and effortlessly respond to any situation in the way that specific moment calls for — not some imagined moment because we’re too in our head to be fully present.

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