Path to Peace How to Overcome Impatience to Improve Your Life

In our fast-paced world, it's very easy to internalize the hyper speed frenzy all around us. But this frantic pace is destroying our mental health, our relationships, and our lives. We may feel like we're getting more done, but in truth that chaos comes at a price we will pay later.

We are human beings, not corporate ladder climbers. We need rest to perform our best. And if our mind is always racing, eventually we will burn out. 

So how can we get done all that we need to get done without becoming stressed or impatient? How can we relax into our work and the rat race? How can we slow down our mind so that we can improve our focus, perform better at work and home, avoid the scatterbrain, and appreciate our lives more? In today's podcast, I share simple ways we can do exactly that.

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  • Post published:March 7, 2024
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