Why Do We Experience Stuff

Q: Dear Todd, spirituality takes me away from alcohol, cigarettes, porn, sex, and marijuana. This mind does not search for bliss from materials. It’s trying to express infinite love. It always wanted to do so; everyone wants to do so. The intention is beautiful, but the direction is less correct.

I also know that the mind cannot go beyond time, space, and causality. This mind is not intelligent, although it appears to be intelligent under the presence of something. That something is unchangeable, unmovable, indestructible, and present everywhere. Time-space and causality are woven in it. There is no death, no birth but just a change of forms and expression of that. Then why does a person like me, who is just another form in this ocean of matter experience this?

TODD ANSWERS: This is because we are so much more than our physical, space-time bodies. Within us is the unchangeable, unmovable, indestructible, ever-present formlessness. In fact, we are that at our deepest level. We contain the duality and the multitudes of form, but all forms come from the same source. The real question is, why do we experience the stuff?

And the answer is that life is a fundamental law of this physical universe. Life exists so consciousness can experience the universe. It’d certainly be a shame for the cosmos to go unnoticed.

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