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How do I Know if I Have Found Inner Peace?

The Path to Inner Peace

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It’s easy to think we’re happy when we have our phones out, eating or drinking our favorite things, listening to a podcast or watching TV. But how long can you sit with just yourself? 5 minutes? 20? Can you be happy and content after an hour?

This is the true measure of our inner happiness. This is where we see, underneath the surface, our true inner nature. This will expose whether we are genuinely at peace, or if we need to work on it.

How we feel under the surface subtly impacts every aspect of our lives. If there is a lack of peace, we may unconsciously do everything we can to avoid that stillness. We may addictively chase pleasures and external stimuli to our own detriment. We may bottle our emotions, letting them eat away at us, or until we explode in rage.

This is why developing a daily practice of meditation can magically transform our lives. Or even just setting some time aside each day to sit quietly alone looking out the window. The more we practice, the more we can do and the happier and more at peace we’ll be.

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