How to Deal With Uncertainty About the Future in Life

None of us are promised tomorrow, we are only promised this moment. That can be scary, but it also makes this moment more beautiful, more precious, and more special. And while tomorrow’s uncertainty can be scary, the fact that this infinitely wondrous world is still spinning in all its complexity, can give us some peace of mind.

Living in this mysterious universe isn’t always easy, but it is always perfectly in balance. Politics sways from side to side, but it always moves towards progress. Death makes way for birth, war turns into peace, and tragedy becomes our strength.

It’s okay not to know everything. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but we do know that we have made it this far. And if we have made it this far, we can trust in the universe to keep on working its magic, to keep on rewarding hard work, keep on showing us lessons we need to learn, keep bringing people into our lives at the exact moment we need them, keep showing us signs that guide us towards who we are meant to become, and keep on matching the energy we put out into the world.

Trust can be a scary thing when we have been hurt, disappointed or disillusioned. But trust is the only thing worth doing. This universe is too big for us to understand the reasons for every little thing, and yet it keeps on going, in perfect harmony, without any concern for whether we understand it or not. So we can either trust this mystical, mysterious, magnificent universe. Or we can think we know better, that it is not so grand, and we can live a small, fearful, stressed life instead. The choice is up to us. I was faced with just such a choice when I went through the experience of losing everything I owned. Thanks to my spiritual toolkit, I turned a frightening future into a peaceful present. 


Always Remember:
It’s easy to think we’re happy when we have our phones out, eating or drinking, doing our favorite things, listening to a podcast or watching TV. But how long can you sit with just yourself? 5 minutes? 20 minutes? Can you be happy and content after an hour?

This is the true measure of our inner happiness. This is where we see, underneath the surface, our true inner nature. This will expose whether we are genuinely at peace, or if we need to work on it.

How we feel under the surface, when we’re without distractions, subtly impacts every aspect of our lives. If there is a lack of peace underneath, we may unconsciously do everything we can to avoid that stillness. We may addictively chase pleasures and external stimuli to our detriment. We may bottle up our emotions, letting them eat away at us, or until we explode in rage.

This is why developing a daily practice of meditation can fundamentally transform our lives. Or, even just setting some time aside each day to sit quietly alone looking out the window. The more we practice stillness, the more still our minds can become, and the happier and more at peace we will be. If the thought of meditation makes you anxious, here’s an article I wrote specially for you. And if doing meditation makes you even more anxious, here’s what you might be doing wrong.

With a new beautiful week about to begin, let’s all take a moment today to visualize your week ahead. Visualize all the hard work you’re going to do, and see all your hard work paying off. Pull up in your mind’s eye absolutely everything going right. Feel the gratitude rush through your body. And no matter what happens next week, remember that with trust, you can feel gratitude and peace whether it all comes true, or even if the universe had other, better, bigger plans in store for you.


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