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Path to Peace What to Do When Anxious About Money?

All of us since we were very little children, started developing a relationship around money. Unless you were born in the top 1 percent, that relationship has probably had some degree of stress and anxiety. It’s only normal. We need it and there never seems to be enough of it.

Obviously we can’t eat money, but it can certainly buy food, and so, we treat money like we used to treat food. The problem is, in the very olden days we’d go hunting or foraging for food. Today, we can’t just go looking for money. And so, we stress extra.

But does stress help our money situation? If not, why are we clinging to our money anxiety? How can we let go of it? How can we both handle our finances better, AND deal with our money anxiety? In today’s podcast, I explore these questions and more.

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