How to Accept Things in Life That You Can’t Control

The events in our life do not have a tight grip on us. We have a tight grip on the events in our life. 

There is no reason for us to relive our worst moments in our head, obsess over our undesired circumstances, or live in constant worry about the future.

Here’s the secret to becoming free from our thoughts:

Whatever makes you lose your mind, get angry, or give in to desire, that is your teacher. 

Every pain that makes you stressed, every annoyance that makes you tense, every person who agitates you, all the ups and downs, that is your practice. 

These are our greatest opportunities for developing unshakable peace. We don’t have to seek them out; life will show us plenty of these opportunities on its own. More on this in my podcast.

Instead of being consumed by thoughts, desire and anger, relax into it, accept it, make peace with it. Then you can change your circumstances if you like, you can indulge in pleasures if you so choose, but it can be done with presence, peace and joy. 


Here’s What I Would You Like to Do:

Observe the breath and body and release any tension there. Whenever you feel stressed, sad or upset, take 5 full, deep belly breaths. No need to label or think about anything else. Just feel. 


Just one conscious breath can create a moment of inner silence that greatly loosens the grips of our thoughts.

Instead of screaming our heads off on the roller coaster of life, we can watch the roller coaster from a safe distance and we can just marvel at the engineering and beauty of its design without feeling like we’re going to die on every single hairpin turn. My book, Death, Life and Oneness, explores the art of observing from a distance — no screams — just appreciation for this wild and beautiful ride.

Much love,


PS – We spend a great deal of time, money and effort on trying to be happy. And yet, we’re downright terrible at it! So what are we getting wrong? And how can we find true happiness? I answer these questions in my latest video.

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