My Life in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand

I stayed for some time in a Buddhist monastery in a jungle in southern Thailand. At first, it was my torment. There were no screens in the windows to keep the bugs away and this was my first experience sleeping with a wooden pillow. But as the days, weeks, and months went on, the lack of comforts became my salvation.

This monastery became one of the greatest spiritual experiences in my life. It showed me the deep peace and bliss that lies within all of us and which no external pleasure or comfort can compare. I’ll never forget this beautiful place or the beautiful people I met there.

We see the trend of minimalism all around us. Be it business or life as a whole, minimalism has been gaining long overdue significance everywhere.

Long back, we all were content with the little joys of life. However, over the course of time, we started to get distracted by the temporary shine of material aspects.

Even I chased a lot of things all at once at some point in my life. Then came the turning point, I went to one of the retreats in India and I realized, I was happier, calmer, and content in this minimalist lifestyle than I had ever been in the longest time.

Fast forward to now, I adopt minimalism in everything. Little joys in life matter the most to me. I don’t want a lavish lifestyle. I am a preacher and seeker of peace and happiness. And I have found it within me, through meditation, spirituality, and of course, adapting to a minimalist lifestyle.

A minimalist life helps us evolve in all aspects of our lives. It helps us understand what awareness is. It further

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