Accountability to Immoral Things You Did Before You Awakened?

Q: Dear Todd, if you did immoral things before you were awakened to the universal truths will you be held accountable for those things in this life or future lives?

TODD ANSWERS: Is a tiger responsible for killing a gazelle? I don’t think so. I think it is a creature living out its own nature based on its past karma/cause-and-effect. When we act with unawareness, we are not in control. Only with presence can we make conscious choices.

However, what I have found in my own life whenever I have had guilt or regret, is that it pays to pay it forward. I like to go above and beyond for someone else whenever I fall short. It can be as simple as leaving an extra large tip at a restaurant, helping someone in need, or even better, making it up to the person I wronged if that option is available. For me, this is how we can truly create a new cause-and-effect. To me, karma is this very real and measurable chain of events that we can trace if we are attuned to it.

Another thing I have observed that creates more good karma is to meditate or do some spiritual practice that nourishes my capacity for compassion, patience, generosity and goodwill. This too creates countless more positive ripples in the world.

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