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Is Accepting Things as They Are Counter Productive to Improving?

Q: Dear Todd, Isn’t the point of a spiritual path to improve? Wouldn’t accepting things as they are and not being perfect be counter productive to improving? If you have a goal of improvement, not even being perfect and you fail and just accept that you failed, wouldn’t you just stagnate? You’re all perfect and you could all use improvement. You have to be uncomfortable to drive change and improvement it seems. So just accepting things, letting go, and being happy wouldn’t develope you at all I would think

TODD ANSWERS: Spirituality is not about inaction. It’s about stillness within, wise action outwardly. A lot of research shows that not accepting, resisting, and putting needless pressure on ourselves to change causes anxiety, fear, mistakes, and is not the best form of motivation nor is it sustainable. There can be lasting change and progress through acceptance, and we won’t have to waste precious energy criticizing ourselves or our circumstances.

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