Want to Experience Spiritual Oneness? Here’s the Secret

What is Spiritual Oneness?

When we explore closely the nature of the self, which is the object we can most closely observe, we see that we are nothing more than a mental concept. In truth, we are inextricably connected to our parents, and their parents, and their parents, and on and on forever.

We’ll see that we are the trees, whose air we breathe. We are the sun, which warms and sustains us. We are the Earth, whose fruits we eat and which become us.

The self is nothing less than the entire universe, past and future. The deeper we look, the more we’ll realize that the idea of a separate independent self is a lie. We are the process of the ever expanding universe, with ever expanding consciousness.

To see spiritual oneness, we see there is no birth, no death, only the eternal and infinite one life. To see spiritual oneness is to cast off the veil of thoughts that cloud our vision. When we see the oneness of our own nature, we understand the nature of all things.

Spiritual oneness is the wisdom and peace that arise from seeing reality as it truly is. It is to expand our awareness beyond objects and to see the connections. It is to live in wise relation to the universe within and without. We step out of our limited perspective and see the energy that flows through everything and nothing.

This oneness is the spiritual dimension of love. It is the universal consciousness that creates conscious life. To live consciously is to never lose sight of this deeper reality.

There can be no bad day because everyday happens because of yesterday and all the previous days. There can be no great day because everyday is the natural flowering of the beautiful seeds that were planted in the past. There are only causes and conditions going back for eternity.

Every moment is a choice about what kind of future we will nurture right now. To see spiritual oneness is to always be creating positive conditions for a brighter world to emerge.

Everything that ever happened happened because of everything else. Time never began. Space never ends. Infinity can’t be divided. There is only oneness.

Experiencing Spiritual Oneness

We are like fish swimming in the ocean, completely unaware that the water exists. Sometimes we feel disconnected from everything because we fall for the illusion of separateness but we are in fact intricately connected to all matter and energy. We can see beyond separateness only when we look from a place of feeling rather than thinking. It is thoughts that create the screen of separateness. “Uni” in “universe” means one, and there is only oneness.

You are connected to everything. Even if you find yourself stuck in the polarities of life, you are not separate from anyone or anything. Everyone is you and you are everyone. Star dust, as if by miracle, arranged itself into all of us. The universe is conscious because there is consciousness in the universe. You are an essential part of this universe and vital to its unfolding evolution.

To experience this oneness, one need only close their eyes and turn their attention inward, towards the vast infinite space of pure consciousness within, where the loneliness and separateness of material illusion cease to exist.

My book, Aloneness to Oneness, is a blueprint for stepping out of our separate, small, lonely existence; and into the infinite, eternal oneness of the universe. Only when we live in duality does greed, jealousy, hatred, competition and comparison arise. When we become one, only love remains.

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Aloneness to Oneness

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