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Want to Experience Spiritual Oneness? Here’s the Secret

Experiencing Spiritual Oneness 

We are like fish swimming in the ocean, completely unaware that the water exists. Sometimes we feel disconnected from everything because we fall for the illusion of separateness but we are in fact intricately connected to all matter and energy. We can see beyond separateness only when we look from a place of feeling rather than thinking. It is thoughts that create the screen of separateness. “Uni” in “universe” means one, and there is only oneness.

You are connected to everything. Even if you find yourself stuck in the polarities of life, you are not separate from anyone or anything. Everyone is you and you are everyone. Star dust, as if by miracle, arranged itself into all of us. The universe is conscious because there is consciousness in the universe. You are an essential part of this universe and vital to its unfolding evolution.

To experience this oneness, one need only close their eyes and turn their attention inward, towards the vast infinite space of pure consciousness within, where the loneliness and separateness of material illusion cease to exist.

As we move into this new year, let’s do it with open hearts. Let’s dissolve barriers, build bridges, and shine on.You will also like my podcast Can AI expand our consciousness?

Getting Stuck in Polarities of Life

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