Can You Live in Peace in a Chaotic City?

Q: Dear Todd, is it even possible to live peacefully in a city of chaos? Can you live peacefully in it without getting affected by it?

TODD ANSWERSIt’s certainly very easy to feel at peace in nature. It is every animal’s natural home and humans are no different. It rejuvenates us and fills our hearts with beauty and minds with the wisdom of reflection.

However, I also find that being in a city is an amazing opportunity to practice finding peace in the chaos. It provides a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and to learn how to live harmoniously with our fellow people.

Everyone is different though. Some people have to live in cities but hate it. Some people would die just at thought of sleeping in a tent. When I was at a beautiful monastery in the jungles of Thailand, a Buddhist monk told me a beautiful saying I’ll never forget. It’s a mantra that they repeat in their mind that they say when walking, “I have arrived, I am home.” We can say this anytime, anywhere, to remind ourselves that we are whole and that we can be at peace no matter where we are or what is happening.

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