Is it Possible to Achieve Success Without Constant Stress?

Q: Dear Todd, I want to achieve a big success in my life but that will require a lot of competition, constant stress, and bigger responsibilities. So, will this make me unhappy?

Todd Answers: Some people are built for the competitive high-stress fast-paced lifestyle. Some people just want to be monks. Everybody is different.

I will say this though, stressful situations do not need to make us stressed. Stress only occurs when we interpret situations as stressful. If we are mindful of our thoughts and mindful of our task at hand, we will simply respond without panic or stress. All stress is an unconscious reaction to situations — often past or future situations.

But ultimately, I hope you do whatever you love, are passionate about, that suits you, and brings joy to the world. There are many ways to earn a living, and if coaching is your calling, go for it. I’ll certainly be cheering you on from the stands.

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