Corporate Meditation: The What, Why & How of It

We’ve all been there. Working like crazy, late nights, but you get to the point where you realize you’re just staring at the screen getting absolutely nothing done. You’re drained, exhausted, and burnt out. This is where corporate meditation can help.

This experience is a common situation in the office or working from home. We like to think we’re unstoppable. That if we just dedicate more hours, we’ll get more done. But the truth is, we are not machines. Our bodies, and our minds, need rest to perform at their best. Corporate meditation is key.

In France, studies show that they get more done in a 35-hour work week than Americans do in a 40-hour work week. In fact, they get more done with 10 weeks off than Americans do with two weeks off.

It’s no wonder. When we are rested, we work better. And nothing gives the mind a rest quite like corporate meditation. If you think it’s a coincidence that Jack Dorsey, Ray Dalio, Jerry Seinfeld, George Lucas, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and Facebook/Google/Nike/Amazon employees all meditate, then I’ve got a timeshare in Nigeria to sell you. They all do it because they know it’s essential for performing at our best.

Luckily, corporate meditation is something every company can implement. It’ll to help their workers get a daily boost of energy, clarity, productivity and creativity. Here I’ll explain everything you need to know to get started.


What is Corporate Meditation?

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Corporate meditation is any program that helps workers learn and develop a meditation practice. It can be a keynote, a full or half-day workshop, or a weekend retreat. It can also be a daily or weekly meditation class.

Corporate meditation programs will often include practical instruction on becoming more mindful at work. This helps people make fewer mistakes and think outside the box. As a result, they’ll experience more joy and satisfaction at work and in their lives.

Corporate meditation may be in-person at the office or done remotely via Zoom. There are even many apps and videos that teach meditation. But, just like in school, personalized instruction is the best way to learn any new skill.


Why Corporate Meditation?

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Most of our stress comes from the office. All too often, we bring that stress home. Therefore, this leads to high turnover rates, poor work quality, lower productivity, and lower job and life satisfaction.

It turns out, roughly half of all employees are considering leaving their jobs right now largely due to stress. Because of this, the current rate of employee retention currently costs employers trillions each year.

Stress is currently the number one cause for doctor visits and sick days. Stress isn’t just psychological. It leads to chronic pain, depression, anxiety and a weaker immune system. It even leads to heart disease, stroke, addiction and early death.

Study after study shows meditation lowers stress and increases job and life satisfaction. It lowers turnover rates, prevents burnout, improves our physical health, and reduces sick days. Most importantly, corporate meditation helps companies increase profits!

Don’t just take it from me. Take it from John Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic. Or Harvard Medical School and the Yale School of Medicine. As well as the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Each has released countless definitive studies showing the powerful effect of meditation. It improves both our mental health and physical wellbeing.

Corporate meditation gives workers a greater quality of life, more fulfillment, a more positive attitude and better relationships.


How to Get Started?

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For companies wanting to attract and retain the best talent, corporate meditation is the solution. There is no benefit that will improve their lives quite like it.

To get started, first find a knowledgeable, experienced instructor. One who understands the unique challenges of the corporate world. Make sure they have a wide range of experience and knowledge as well.

Every office is different and has different needs, so choose a program that’s right for your company. Some businesses like to have a yearly meditation and mindfulness retreat, followed by a semiannual keynote. Other companies prefer a semiannual workshop with a weekly meditation class. While still other companies prefer to establish a dedicated meditation room inside their office where daily biweekly meditation classes take place.

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