Path to Peace How to Be Satisfied in Life Part 2: When Your Family Doesn’t Support You

The world is changing faster than ever. Today’s generation is growing up totally different than their parents.  Not everyone will understand the changes, and not all changes will be beneficial to human flourishing.

When we stay balanced on our middle path, we can take into account our family’s feelings, but we can also live our own life, our way and on our terms. We can welcome advice, but we can listen to our heart. And when we come up against resistance, pessimism, stubbornness or pushiness, we can do what is right for us with love and kindness for those who will never understand.

In today’s podcast, the second part of a 2-part series on contentment and satisfaction, we dive into meaning, purpose, ambition, dreams, goals, success, family dynamics, and confidently living the life the of your dreams.

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