How to Be at Peace If Life Is Unfair

I know it, and you know it. Terrible things happen to wonderful people and wonderful things happen to people who’ve done tremendous harm.  If even a great man like Gandhi was assassinated, what chance do the rest of us have at a peaceful and good life?!

So how can we understand the seeming unfairness in our world? How should we exist in, and respond to, an unfair world? Should we try to live rightly, or just look out for ourselves? What’s even the point of this crazy, random, nonsensical world?

In this podcast, I answer these questions and more. I talk about what a good life can truly be. I share a model for seeing the world that makes sense of the senseless. And I remind us that no matter what a life looks like on the outside, it’s always what is on the inside that counts.

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  1. Catherine Wilson

    Thank you for this podcast❣️ I am not currently curled up in a ball and withdrawn from life but I have been there; more than once. I am 71 now and have reconciled myself several years ago to the fact that life is not fair; I just never used the idea of probability to get there 😂 I instead told myself that there must be a reason why ALL OF US go through these dark nights of the soul and that I will find out later why? I guess that is the real definition of faith? Is there no faith in eastern philosophy? I have noticed by now that there seems to be a kind of Karma at work in people’s lives though that comes back to bite them in the butt about what they complain about?
    I will bookmark this podcast to return to. Namaste🛐

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