Path to Peace How to Bring More Contentment into My Life

What is the secret to contentment? Why is it so elusive? We all seek it and yet very few of us have it. We are bombarded with “solutions” for discontent everywhere and all the time. This or that product will finally give you the feeling of wholeness. The next iPhone will be the last product you’ll ever need… until the next model comes out. This car, that house, this job, that amount of money, this therapy, that new drug, etc… — these are the stories we tell ourselves when we can finally put aside the feeling of subtle misery we walk around with 24/7.

The problem is, no situation will ever be perfect because the source of our discontent doesn’t lie in external circumstances. It lies in the mind. It is the mind which generates the stories of our lives. It is the mind that obsesses over problems or fixates on wants and desires — never being satisfied. And, it is the mind that will continue to find problems no matter how “perfect” our lives look on paper.

One of the greatest misconceptions about contentment is that we mistake pleasure for happiness. If a favorite food brought true happiness, then the more we ate the happier we would become. But the opposite is true — that first bite is the best and if we keep eating we eventually become sick and miserable. What brings us true lasting happiness will allow us to deepen our peace and joy the more we do it, not less.

Knowing that the pleasure-chasing mind creates all problems, we also know that the solution also lies within the mind. We can train our mind to become peaceful and joyful. We can practice finding the true source of peace and joy within. In this podcast episode,  I share exactly how to find that free and infinite wellspring of contentment that no object, circumstance or amount of money will ever bring.

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