Everyone is Judging Me

Q: Dear Todd, I feel like everyone is judging me and hating me. It’s making it difficult to have a peaceful life. What should I do?People are usually too busy thinking about themselves than other people. We just have to do our best to make sure that other people's karma doesn't bring us down. Join The 10,000 Mental Steps Challenge There is nothing more important than your mental peace https://youtu.be/OTjIlaaEqbk

How Can I Stop Hating Myself? (Most Effective Solution)

Self-hatred is a terrible affliction born out of the false perception that you are your thoughts. It divides us into two people rather than being one whole complete person. This illusion falsely implies you hate yourself, but in reality, you can't have a relationship with yourself. You simply are you. Relationships with yourself can only happen if you believe you are split in two. By recognizing your true self, all…

Easy Techniques to Prevent Self Loathing

How de we control our thoughts when it seems impossible? How can we transform our mindset? Todd Perelmuter explores these and other questions in today's podcast. Find out why we become self-loathing, what the causes are, and learn easy techniques to stop and prevent self-loathing.