Where Does Consciousness Lie?

There are a few things that point to consciousness outside of this physical dimension.

  1. Number one, when we die, something nonphysical leaves our bodies, indicating it is not of this dimension of physical reality.

  2. Number two, consciousness interacts with physical reality. When matter is unobserved, it exists as a wave of energy. When consciousness observes the wave, it collapses down to matter. In any situation where one person looks at something and the other thing responds in some way, we would interpret it as this interplay between two consciousnesses. This implies both nonlocal consciousness as well as either a conscious universe or conscious atoms.

  3. And number three, our brains convert the universe we perceive around us into electrical signals that are then broadcast as brainwaves. This conversion from experience into electrical signals followed by a brainwave broadcast, is precisely how television works. It is broadcast to us from some other location, implying that the consciousness perceiving our experience is not local or part of this physical universe, because if it were local within us, we wouldn’t need this layer of translation between us and the universe.

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