Why I Suddenly Lost the Peace & Joy I Once Had

Q: Dear Todd, we have struggled badly the last 2 years with duality, and inner peace. It’s because we don’t want to continue working in corporate America & being online constantly promoting my small business. Ironically, 3 years ago we were peaceful, happy, having fun, able to relax, and were very into esoteric teachings, could follow through on meditating, doing yoga, being resilient & adapting better. Thought we were all ready for the big ascension! Nope. We’re trying to regain all those things and it’s a daily struggle. Any suggestion?

Todd Answers: You are certainly not alone in that! We all have natural cycles of energy and downtime, highs and lows. Sometimes they’re natural cycles and sometimes they are caused by external situations and factors.

No need to worry, stress, or add anxiety to the cycle. Just do your best to be able to watch all these emotional states play out. Watch them come and go. Try not to distract yourself from them too much (with work, food, entertainment, whatever we all do to distract ourselves) and you will more quickly let the down cycle play out. Sit with it, stay with it, and release it.

The joy comes back! Promise.

Q: Dear Todd, a little over a year ago, I had what I can only describe as a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, and after it I had this profound feeling of complete bliss. Unfortunately, I have lost that feeling and gratitude and have been on a search to find it again. Any thoughts?

Todd Answers: Whether it’s a near-death experience or just a good spiritual book, a lot of people have had similar realizations only to lose them later.

The key is a daily practice like meditation was for me. If the practice is continued regularly, the quality of experience one has will be subtly increased every single day. Otherwise, those memories of the book or experience, like everything else, will fade. With practice, living in that way can become a habit.

Q: Dear Todd, I feel I have no joy at the moment in my life. I need to get it back. What can I do?

Todd Answers: We can’t always change how we are feeling but we can change how we feel about how we are feeling. So, if instead of wishing for happiness, we could become happy with sadness (what I mean by that is completely accepting and embracing how we are feeling instead of resisting and trying to escape), then we naturally bring happiness into our lives.

Realizing you are already complete and whole and that nothing needs to change, allows for contentment and joy to reenter more easily.

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