13 Best Social Media Addiction Quotes From Digital Ego Book

1. Just like the body is constantly eliminating toxins, the mind needs to as well. We need to give it time to rest, reflect, and find peace in the present moment.

2. Life will sometimes be exciting, and sometimes it’ll be uneventful. Both of these are just parts of life. We can either escape life, or we can embrace it.

3. When we are mindlessly taking our phone out, then we are training our brains subconsciously that the present moment is worthy of escape, that it’s not good enough.

4. Like rays of light coming from the sun, we are extensions of the universe, seemingly separate yet profoundly interconnected.

5. No amount of horsepower in our car, jewelry on our bodies, brand names on our clothing, will ever complete something that is already perfect and complete.

6. Happiness is not measured in likes or followers. It’s measured in smiles (and not the emoji kind).

7. On social media, everyone looks like they have a perfect life. And so, we compare ourselves to people and situations that don’t even exist. This is a freeing realization.

8. By lifting up others, we put them in a position where they can lift even more people up. Eventually, we can create a world where if we ever stumble and need a hand, someone will be there to lift us up too.

9. Time to reflect is so important and it is what keeps us sane. If we don’t digest what we’re mentally consuming, we’re going to have a mental indigestion.

10. Stop outsourcing so much of your joy and peace to what others think of you online.

11. This third ego — the digital ego — is typically always happy, always doing cool stuff, word choice is edited to perfection, and it’s sometimes more beautiful than we are because of these filters. But, it’s also much more dependent on the approval of others because its value and self-worth come from likes, follows, shares and views.

12. Part of mindfully using social media that is so important is not just being mindful of what you’re seeing, but it’s being mindful of what you’re not seeing, being mindful of what you don’t know.

13. There are so many people out in the world. Some will think good of us. Some will think bad of us. But there is only one person that really matters in that equation — ourself.

Become mindful of how you are using technology, how it makes you feel, and of the fact that you are creating these feelings because you are the one who has control over what you do. Take a digital detox, whenever needed, to reset your dopamine levels and to rebalance yourself.

More on how to take a digital detox and use social media mindfully in the book, Digital Ego. Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

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