Anxiety Issues Making It Hard to Date

There are a few things we can do to lower anxiety. One way is to boost our confidence. This is done through practice and self-trust, so one thing to do is to try to have a meaningful (roughly 30-second) conversation with everyone you encounter, in a way that goes just slightly deeper and more original than “How’s the weather?” Use your surroundings to connect. This all helps us get out of our head and be present.

Another thing we can do is to really watch those stories in our head that surround our anxiety. They usually tell us we’re undeserving and unworthy, things that extroverts don’t even consider. So try noticing the stories, see how they’re untrue (they are only your fear’s opinion), and craft a better one. If you’re awkward, own it! Be happily awkward. THAT is confidence. We call those people fun and eccentric and we love them.

Keep putting yourself out there. Stay present and relax any tension in the body. It will start to feel natural eventually

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