How Do You Explain Happiness to Someone Who Has Lost Job?

Q: Dear Todd, how do I explain happiness to someone who lost his job and was then evicted for not paying the rent? On top of it all, has a serious illness in his ankles. I am so overwhelmed with his pain and trying to help him as much as I can.

TODD ANSWERS: I really understand. Often it’s harder to see someone else’s suffering than it is to go through our own suffering. But suffering, or the lack of suffering, is truly not dependent on our situation.

Two strangers on opposite sides of the world could both lose their left foot in a tractor accident. One might become bitter, but the other might be grateful he still has one foot.

The good news is, that bitter gentleman has the ability to become grateful, to let that accident change his life for the better, and to cherish every single moment he has left. It just takes intention and some practice.

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