How to Cheer Yourself Up When Feeling Low

Sometimes the flowers bloom, and sometimes they whither. Bears play, and other times they hibernate. Everything in the universe is governed by the natural cycles. We are no different. Sometimes we humans are up, and sometimes we’re low. More on how we can make peace with where we are in life, how to get where we want to go, and how to see the limitless choices that are available to us in this video.

What is different about humans though is that we suffer these cycles. Instead of just being low, we wish we were high. We resist these natural cycles, try to outmaneuver them, and bend them to our will. We will fight, push back, and plow through the low moments in our lives. How exhausting!

Whenever you’re feeling low, see if you can find the part of you that is fighting it. Maybe it’s in our frown lines, or tension in our back and shoulders. Wherever it is, just notice and allow it. 

Now look to your thoughts and see what the mental story is surrounding this feeling. Take your time doing this. Consciously remember that we go through these natural cycles. Allow nature to flow instead of fighting it. Here’s what we can do to change that inner voice in our head from a critic to our best and wisest friend.

All that energy we wasted on anger, frustration, sadness and worry about this low feeling, can be reclaimed and can restore us. When we accept our circumstances, and when we make peace with our suffering, then we can transform them.


Isn’t it amazing that we all have this drive to love and be loved. Somewhere inside us, a flickering candle burns, longing to spread like wildfire. There’s romantic love, self-love, friend and familial love, but above all, there is universal love — love for all beings. If we start with universal love, all the other loves fall naturally into place.

May we be peaceful and wise. May we awaken for the benefit of all beings. May we be a beacon of light for the world. May we love each other as one. And let’s not forget to enjoy the highs and lows of this beautiful, crazy, mystery, adventure, romcom of life.

Much love,


PS – Every single one of us has a little spark of rage inside us at all times. If that spark gets fanned and fueled just right, it can blow up into a wildfire. If we let our little frustrations build up like kindling, and then we throw in a match lit by a barista that got our order wrong, AND we’re already late for work, look out. In this video, I discuss why we get angry, how to see it coming, and how we can nip it in the bud.

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