How to Become Really Good at Something

There is something that just about every human could benefit to learn. It is not easy. Not too many people can do it, but it may be the most important skill we can develop that will improve every aspect of our lives. 

We need to learn how to learn with joy, strive with peace, and work hard on achieving big goals with total presence and effortlessness. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but this is how we walk the middle path to prosperity without sacrificing our wellbeing. This is the egoless way to work on ourselves and our goals, while not being too hard on ourselves either. This is how we make work fun, enjoy the journey, and avoid burnout. (We are human beings, not corporate ladder climbers. We need rest to perform our best. And if our mind is always racing, eventually we will burn out. More on this here.)

Children are masters at this. When we are born, we don’t know anything and no one expects us to either. We are happy and excited to learn. But as we grow up, so do our egos. That is what prevents us from learning as easily as we used to. 

We need to embrace once again that we are an idiot at something. Don’t run from it, run toward it. I am bad at piano and singing and learning new languages. But I love sucking so bad and recognizing my bruised ego, because I know that’s when I am growing the most. As David Goggins might say, “F@*k your ego.” 

Humility is a muscle we can regularly exercise. It deflates our ego and makes learning fun again. We just need to become aware of the ego, recognize its manipulative nature and how it thinks it’s helping us but how it is really hurting us. Then we can choose not to listen or believe its story. 

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Here’s What I Would You Like to Do This Week:

Practice putting your ego aside. Ask someone for help, when you might otherwise have been embarrassed. Ask the “dumb” question in a meeting that everyone else is probably thinking. Take on a new challenge, whether it’s learning a language or instrument, getting back into art, exercise or meditation. Whatever your interest is that you’ve always wanted to get better at, whatever business idea or new expertise you wanted to develop but you felt afraid to take on, do it. Ask an expert if they’ll mentor you. You have very little to lose but a whole lot to gain. Only when we accept we know nothing can we learn anything. 


Remember, spirituality and success are not mutually exclusive. We all need to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. But we also have spiritual needs. Here’s how we can have both.

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