Employees Need Meditation, Not Just Happy Hours

These days, employees are thinking not just about ways to let off steam. They’re thinking about ways to let go of their stress that won’t leave them hungover, tired, groggy and unhealthy. That’s why more and more employees are looking for healthy ways to improve their lives, not just their nights. And it’s why employees need meditation more than company happy hours.


The Benefits of Corporate Meditation for Employees

When we let off stress in healthy ways, such as meditation, we are actually able to focus better. It increases productivity and creativity. This makes work easier, which ends up making us less stressed about work in the first place.

When companies start meditation programs, employees’ lives can improve dramatically in every aspect. From better relationships to more gratitude, peace, and joy. And as we all know, happy workers are better workers.


The Benefits of Corporate Meditation for Companies

Corporate meditation is a win-win for businesses and workers alike. Yes, productivity goes up and turnover rates go down. But that’s just the start.

It’s been proven that costly mistakes go down, people work together better, and fewer HR incidents occur. This is because when people are more mindful, they are more conscientious of their actions and their words. This is more important today than ever before.


The Problem with Company Happy Hours

While some companies are looking for ways to entice workers back into the office, happy hour and free drinks is often their first go-to idea. The problem is, the happiness from happy hours doesn’t last beyond the hour.

The next morning and day can be grueling. Some people can do regretful things during happy hour. And some people who don’t drink can feel left out and isolated. Everyone, however, can meditate.

When drinking occurs the night before, this actually leads to less productivity and more costly mistakes. Absenteeism goes up and it encourages a sense of work being a stressful place worth escaping from through vice, rather than incorporating as part of a life well lived.


Why Companies’ Real Happy Hour is an Employee Meditation Class

Bringing a skilled meditation teacher into your company creates the same kinds of employee bonding as happy hour, but on a much deeper level. From introverts to extroverts, from drinkers to non-drinkers, everyone can bond over this beautiful practice that can improve everyone’s lives.

No matter anyone’s religious views, cultural or racial backgrounds, the practice of meditation can increase the inner joy and peace of every employee so that everything else they do, whether it’s work, family or fun, becomes improved as well.

When companies start corporate meditation programs, employees become excited to go to work. They become eternally grateful that their company cares about their well-being, not just their liquor consumption.

In the days since the pandemic began, workers have taken a closer look at their lives. They don’t want to just feel good now. They want to build a life they can feel good about. Meditation helps them do just that and it’s why employees will always need meditation more than companies’ happy hours.