How to Deal with Negative People Without Losing Your Peace

Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter Newsletter

Q: Dear Todd, I find that I can be very loving and relaxed if I am not in a company that easily pulls my strings like low-paid jobs where everyone must go if they don’t have other jobs to get money for living and then there are often people that have learned to be so mean and bring others down. I guess it’s a learning experience but it feels like darkness taking over all the light. Any thoughts?

Todd Answers: It’s not easy to rise above the mud, but like the lotus flower, so too can we. I know how hard it can be firsthand to be stuck around negative people at low-paying jobs or to feel disappointed in humanity. But, the more mindful we become of the beauty and majesty in this world (of which there is no limit), the less impact words or the actions of others have on us.

The more mindful and present we become, the less automated and robotic jobs become. The more we can just observe whatever is happening around us without internal resistance or conflict, the more we can witness life instead of feeling like life is happening to us. It’s like being lost in a film, but we just turn our heads around to look at the projector, and suddenly what’s on screen doesn’t matter so much.

In this way, we can observe our own awareness, we can witness ourselves, and can step back and see the bigger picture with a broader and wider perspective.