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How to Exhaust Your Ego

Q: Dear Todd, how to exhaust your ego?
TODD ANSWERS: I gotta say, trying to exhaust the ego sounds… exhausting. I think the way to quiet the ego isn’t to battle against it, as the internal conflict will disturb our inner peace. Instead, I like to play with my ego, not work against it. If it’s behaving like an immature child, it’s still MY immature child, so I’m going to love it.

I may even lovingly ignore it while it exhausts itself, but I am not going to doing anything or let it control me. I give it no energy. I don’t feed the ego by arguing with or hating the thoughts. I don’t even try to ignore it, because that would still be letting it control me. I just notice the thoughts, let them be, and then peacefully turn my attention back to what truly matters in my life.

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