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How Can I Find Myself Through Spirituality?

Q: Dear Todd, I have found little help for my anxiety which stems from lacking a social circle or even friends. Have been Struggling through this for years. I feel envious of people (most people) who so naturally build relationships. I am 39, have a family and am a qualified medical professional, yet struggle to find connection with people. I have struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Can I find myself through spirituality?

TODD ANSWERS: We are social creatures. It’s an evolutionary advantage to live in close communities that look out for each other. Relationships nourish us and provide tremendous meaning in our lives. There’s really no substitute for them.

But, some people are natural loners, some people choose to be alone, and others find solitude forced upon them. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether we live as a hermit meditating in a cave (assuming we have no other responsibilities) or as a social butterfly in the big city.

For whatever reason we may find ourselves alone, if it stirs up painful feelings, or if we find it frustratingly difficult to connect with people, spirituality can help us make peace with those realities. It can give us strength to keep trying, to stay positive, and live the kind of joyful and fun life that other people will naturally gravitate towards.

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