How to Practice Gratitude When You Don’t Feel Grateful

Gratitude is like a light switch. When it’s on, it’s easy to see all of the blessings in our lives. When it’s off, we have nothing and are lost in darkness.

So how do we turn on that light switch of gratitude when we don’t like what’s going on in our lives? To flip that switch, we have to do three things.

First, we have to make sure the power is on in the house. To do that, we have to pay the bills and make sure our expenses are in order. What this means is, we have to take control of the things in our life that are in our control, and accept what we cannot. If we’re unhappy with work, relationships or where we are in our lives, what can we change? Where can we redirect our energy? And what can we do today to get us where we want to be tomorrow? No matter what we hope to achieve in our lives, now is the perfect time to start. (More on this in my podcast.)

Second, we need a working light bulb. This means we need to shine our light of consciousness so bright that it breaks through our gloomy, cloudy thoughts. No matter our situation, when we can see it beyond our negative mental story, problems disappear and we are left with only the beautiful symphony of life playing all around us.

Third, we need a backup generator for when the power does go down. This means developing a practice and habit of gratitude that will carry us through moments of doubt and hopelessness. Gratitude truly is a muscle, and the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets. When it becomes stronger than fear, it becomes unshakable.


Here’s what I would like you to do to pump up those gratitude muscles: 

  1. I have created this simple Daily Gratitude Habits checklist with 20 ways to practice daily gratitude. Make all 20 steps into a habit so you don’t even need the checklist. 
  2. Watch the film, The Art of Gratitude. Whenever you find yourself lost in the darkness, come back to this film to light your way back.



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The Art of Gratitude | Short Film

Gratitude is the most important human emotion because it alone determines the quality of our life. This film is a roadmap back to our grateful hearts.