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How to Teach Mindfulness to Kids – Path to Peace Podcast

When is the right age to teach mindfulness to kids? How do you do it? Should you do it? In this podcast, Todd answers these questions and many more about teaching mindfulness to children.

While kids may not suffer from the same stresses as adults and may not need to get the same benefits as adults, mindfulness for kids comes with countless other benefits. Studies have shown that kids who learn mindfulness are less impulsive, more focused, have longer attention spans, are more patient, better behaved, have better relationships, and even their grades are better! From the child’s perspective, they’ll enjoy doing it for reasons like performing better at sports, just like how their hero Tom Brady meditates.

When it comes to learning mindfulness, the earlier the better. This helps set kids up for success throughout their whole life, both personally and professionally. These essential skills learned at an early age will do wonders for them and those around them. The habits they learn now will come easier at a young age and will last them a lifetime.

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Peace and love.

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