How Do I Know If I’m Really Meditating or Just Sitting?

Because most people can’t sit down and instantly clear their mind, they think they might be doing it wrong. Or worse, they think they just can’t meditate and that meditation is not for them. But if I were doing something my entire life – thinking – and suddenly tried to stop, it might not happen as fast as I’d like it to.

Luckily, meditation is not about clearing your mind of all thoughts. It’s about becoming conscious – or mindful – of your thoughts. The more aware we become of our thoughts and the more we sit still without distraction to simply observe our mind, the more our minds stop mindlessly creating suffering and the more we consciously choose for it to create joy and peace in our lives.

In this podcast, Todd answers this common question and explains how to meditate correctly, and more importantly, how to approach meditation correctly. So relax, kick back, and discover the best way to get started in meditation.

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