Can Meditation Help Me Sleep Better? Can It Replace Sleep?

When we think of health, we often just think of diet and exercise.  But, as important as what we eat and how much we move is sleep. We live in a world right now where not sleeping is almost seen as a badge of honor. Unfortunately, that badge of honor comes with higher rates of obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and so many other brain and body problems.

In this podcast, Todd responds to a common question about sleep and meditation. Meditation is incredibly restful and can make sleep feel less important. But can meditation replace sleep? Does meditation make us need less sleep? Can meditation help you sleep better? Find out the answer to all these questions and more in our latest episode of Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter.

Todd gives tips on how to fall asleep quickly, sleep better, and stay asleep longer through the power of meditation. You’ll also hear a short instruction on how to meditate before bed to help you get to sleep.

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